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Hello dear friend! Welcome.

May I ask you a question? Are you living the story you desire in your life?  Are you actively CHOOSING your thoughts, feelings and behaviors or are they choosing YOU?

So often, we look up and find ourselves in stories, and unaware of how we got there.  We feel out of control in our lives as we respond to things, circumstances and other people's desires.

The more we respond to external voices, the more we become disconnected from our own voices and our personal truth.  This leads to an overwhelmed, burned-out, dissatisfied and unhealed life.

Here's the truth:

This doesn't have to be your story.  You have the power to redefine, rewrite or release the stories that no longer serve you, but only if you are willing to make this choice.

I believe that journaling is a tool that becomes your "road-map home," and that your words will guide you to where you need to be.

In this space, you'll find journaling resources, guided journals, courses + community to help you create a supportive writing practice so that YOU can create and LIVE the life you deserve and desire.

Wouldn't it feel good to FLOURISH in every aspect of your life? If you're ready to THRIVE in your story, my name is Nicole Annette and I'm here to show you the way...



FLOURISH: Group Coaching

FLOURISH is a transformative journaling course + group coaching community.

Together, purpose-driven women pause to nourish the depleted places in their hearts.  We use journaling as a tool for self-awareness, self-care and self-reflection.  In FLOURISH, we create a foundation of self-awareness and intention to redefine, release and rewrite the stories that no longer serve us. If you're ready to change YOUR story, click below to learn more!


Guided Journals, Books + Courses

When's the last time you felt deeply support by a journal?

When was the last time you experienced a transformative journaling practice? Our guided journals and courses are designed to invite you on a personal journey of self-connection, self-awareness, clarity, self-reflection and growth. Renew your writing practice with one of our handmade books. A customer favorite is, "The Space Between."  Click below to shop your journal.


Gentle Reminders: For Rest & Renewal

"Gentle Reminders" is an invitation to every woman.

It's your personal invitation to believe in what makes YOU special.  It's your gentle call to love and trust yourself again with compassion and grace. "Gentle Reminders," is the home for my musings, personal reflections and writing tips.  My desire is that my words nourish your heart and serve you in some way.  My desire is that my words inspire you to create and live the story you deserve and desire for your life.  (New!)


The Journal Coaching Podcast

What would you write if you knew your words would become real?

The Journal Coaching Podcast provides an oasis for the withered, and parched places in your story.  Each episode will inspire you to take action and begin creating the story you want to tell in your life.  Tune in for a safe space to receive nourishing and restorative messages of hope & possibility, self-awareness, self-reflection, self-growth and self-renewal. Click below to listen.


"Did you know that Journaling is so much more than a documentation of your daily activities? It's a personal experience of growth and coming home to yourself. Journaling is a self-coaching tool that increases your personal awareness and cultivates mindfulness, purpose, clarity and intention in your life. Journaling is a self-care practice that will enable YOU to flourish in your life and business so that you can nourish those you love and care for. Your journaling practice is a testament to the woman you are becoming, one word at a time..."

"Nicole is an awesome teacher. The lessons are deep and enriching. She cares deeply and genuinely for all the women in her community. It is clear that she has thought deeply and spent considerable time creating the materials we receive. I am blessed to have found her."

Dr. G. Mckay
College Professor

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